Our History

The History of the Institute for Youth Work

In 2011 a group of organisations including the National Youth AgencyNational Council of Voluntary Youth Services and the Young Foundation came together to consider the need for a professional Institute for Youth Work (IYW) through the Department for Education funded ‘Catalyst’ programme. Throughout the development process, a cross-sector support and challenge group worked to inform and steer the development.

The widespread consultation was carried out and found 92% of respondents considered the IYW to be a ‘positive’ development. When funding ceased at the end of 2012 it was agreed that the National Youth Agency would develop the Institute for Youth Work as support for a professional body had continued to grow.

In March 2013 The National Youth Agency’s Board of Trustees voted to finance the development of the Institute with governance provided by the ETS committee supported by a non-executive council elected from within the membership.

In April 2015 it was agreed that in order for the IYW to continue to develop, the elected council would take on the Governance of the IYW from the National Youth Agency, working as volunteers to build an independent organisation representing the membership voice in the debate about the future of the Youth Work profession.