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Individual Membership

As individual members of the Institute for Youth Work you are supporting the work of youth workers across the whole of England.

Your support for the IYW, as individuals, joins your voice to hundreds of others, creating greater representation for youth workers across the country.  The IYW is committed to channelling these voices into the boards and meetings where we can influence decisions and policy change on your behalf.

Our Different Types of Membership

Volunteer membership: Anyone whose only work with young people is in an unpaid capacity

Student membership: Anyone who is studying on a professionally qualifying youth work Degree/Masters course or Apprenticeship

Certified membership: Anyone who has gained their professional qualification in Youth Work as accredited by the National Youth Agency (and linked to JNC Terms and Conditions). AKA “JNC qualified”

Member membership: Anyone who does not sit neatly into one of the above membership categories. For example, a paid Youth Worker who is not studying for their professional qualification; or a (non-Youth Work qualified) academic whose interest is in Youth Work.